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Cano Law, LLC is a Charleston, SC-based law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of immigration and naturalization law, including all matters before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and immigration courts located in Charlotte, NC, and Stewart, GA.  Our bilingual legal team understands that the immigration process is life-changing and complex which can be intimidating for most people. This is why our office philosophy is to work with clients step-by-step so that you can make informed decisions throughout the entirety of your representation. We cannot promise results but we do promise honesty, hard work, and zealous advocacy to all of our clients

Whether you are petitioning immigrant benefits for your relative, or you need representation in immigration court, we have the experience and dedication to assist you through this difficult process.

Our office has provided legal assistance people from all over the world including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, the Philippines, Ireland, Egypt, Ghana, Colombia, and India.

Cano 2023 Group
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Maribel is a College of Charleston graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Psychology and  is fluent in English, Spanish, and Mixteco.  After graduation, Maribel worked as an early interventionist providing children with developmental delays the essential support needed to access critical services. Maribel uses these skills daily as a paralegal on our family-based petition team to serve our clients. Whether you need help getting medical records for your immigration applications or support in preparing your case, organization, intelligence, and experience are the skills Maribel contributes to the Cano Law team.  Maribel takes pride in giving back to her community by facilitating their immigration case, something that is already intimidating as it is. Maribel looks forward to working with you and your family to continue helping families remain united.

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Associate Attorney

Wendi Kotal joined Cano Law in 2022 as an associate attorney involved with removal defense and immigrant victim rights.  Prior to joining Cano Law, Wendi served as staff attorney for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma Inc. – Ardmore Law Office. Wendi is a Texas native and has travelled and lived all over the world including Germany. Wendi is a graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law and Stephen F. Austin State University.

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FOIA Clerk

Britney is a College of Charleston Magna Cum Laude graduate and aspiring attorney.  Britney's primary role at Cano Law is to administer the office's Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of clients seeking records from government agencies.  


Attorney, Owner

Attorney Nina Cano has exclusively practiced immigration law since 2013 when she began representing unaccompanied minor children at the Texas-Mexico border in Harlingen, TX. This is where she learned how to manage a high volume of deportation defense cases at the forefront of immigration law. Nina wanted to dedicate her career to reuniting immigrant families so in 2015, Nina opened Cano Law LLC to begin serving the immigrant population in her hometown of Charleston, SC. Since Cano Law LLC's opening, Nina has represented hundreds of families in immigration proceedings in the Charleston area. Her dedication to promoting immigrant rights does not stop there, Attorney Nina also participates and is a board member in numerous nonprofit organizations such as Charleston VOTA, the ACLU of SC, and serves as an advisor with the City of Charleston's Mayor's Latinx Advisory Council. Attorney Nina's kind heart but strong voice for justice has led to her advocacy for the immigrant in Charleston for language access, access to legal aid, immigrant victim advocacy, and anti human-trafficking work . She also enjoys teaching Immigration Law at the College of Charleston and mentors aspiring law students in hopes of getting them infected with a passion to practice or learn more about immigration law!

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Legal Assistant

Evila is a 2014 graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. Evila later went on to obtain her certificate in regional migrant studies and earned a prestigious internship with the National Migrant Institute of Mexico. Evila continued pursuing her passion for migrant studies and earned a position with the Mexican Consulate as a part of their diplomatic staffers proving services to Mexican nationals in the Raleigh area. At Cano Law, Evila hopes to further her work with immigrant communities and further develop her knowledge of immigration law. 

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Maria joined the firm in May 2020 as the office receptionist during her college Summer vacation from Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. Maria quickly gained the skills to help clients with pressing immigration questions on the phone and in person under the supervision of Attorney Nina Cano. Maria is now a paralegal at Cano Law that works with immigrant victims of crime and domestic violence survivors to navigate the immigration system.  With Mexican roots, Maria is native Spanish speaker and eager to help our clients communicate with our legal team in English or Spanish. 

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