Cano Law, LLC is a Charleston, SC-based law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of immigration and naturalization law, including all matters before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and immigration courts located in Charlotte, NC, and Stewart, GA.  Our bilingual legal team understands that the immigration process is life-changing and complex which can be intimidating for most people. This is why our office philosophy is to work with clients step-by-step so that you can make informed decisions throughout the entirety of your representation. We cannot promise results but we do promise honesty, hard work, and zealous advocacy to all of our clients

Whether you are petitioning immigrant benefits for your relative, or you need representation in immigration court, we have the experience and dedication to assist you through this difficult process.

Our office has provided legal assistance people from all over the world including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, the Philippines, Ireland, Egypt, Ghana, Colombia, and India.

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Paralegal/ FOIA administrator

Rosy is a paralegal and FOIA administrator for the Cano Law, LLC. Rosy is an expert at finding old police reports and court records our clients need to submit with their immigration filings. Rosy has an associates in Paralegal Studies and has spent the past seven years working as a legal assistant with large personal injury firms in Florida.  Now, she brings her experience investigating and drafting claims to helping our clients prepare a thorough immigration filing in family petition matters. Rosy can help you request and collect your police records, court records, medical records, therapy records, and other things you may need to submit your immigration filing. 



Receptionist and Legal Assistant

Candela joined the firm in May 2020 as the office receptionist and legal assistant to Attorney Nina.  With Argentinian roots, Candela is native spanish speaker and eager to help our clients communicate with our legal team in English or Spanish.  In Argentina, Candela practiced labor law and business immigration law for several years before moving to the United States. We are thrilled to have Candela's professionalism, dedication, and positivity each day in our office! During her off-days, Candela likes to curl up and read or visit the wonderful world of Harry Potter. 

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Brenda Coronado is a Paralegal at Cano law, LLC. and has been with the firm for almost four years. Brenda was born in Monterrey, Mexico and speaks English and Spanish fluently. As an immigrant herself, she knows first-hand the struggles of the immigrant community. She feels a strong empathy with the particular needs of our clients and recognizes the importance of obtaining and maintaining a legal status in the U.S. She provides a wide range of support for our clients, office staff, and keeps the office running smoothly. Each day she is motivated by the opportunity to help people, and experience new and interesting challenges. During her free time, Brenda enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 



Attorney, Owner

Attorney Nina Cano has exclusively practiced immigration law since 2013 when she began representing unaccompanied minor children at the Texas-Mexico border in Harlingen, TX. This is where she learned how to handle deportation defense cases in a high capacity stressful environment. Nina wanted to dedicate her career to reuniting immigrant families so in 2015, Nina opened Cano Law LLC to begin serving the immigrant population in her hometown of Charleston, SC. Since Cano Law LLC's opening, Nina has represented hundreds of families in immigration proceedings in the Charleston area. Her dedication to promoting immigrant rights does not stop there, Attorney Nina Cano also participates and is a board member in numerous nonprofit organizations such as Charleston VOTA, Charleston Immigrant Coalition, and others. Attorney Nina Cano’s kind heart but strong voice for justice vibrates in any room she enters. She also enjoys teaching and inspiring other law students and community members on immigration law in hopes of getting them infected with a passion to practice or learn more about immigration law!



Law Clerk

Rosa is a 2L at Charleston School of Law and is involved with several organizations including the school's National Black Law Students Association, the Immigration Law Association, and the Latino Law Student Association. Rosa is a graduate of the University of North Carolina where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Global Studies: Peace, War, and Defense. With Nicaraguan roots and experience living in Spain, Rosa is bilingual and always happy to assist our clients or staff in research projects. Last Summer, Rosa researched various issues involving inadmissibilities in immigration family petitions. On her off time, Rosa likes to travel and spend time in the outdoors! 

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Paralegal (Seasonal)

Jenny is a Charleston Native and has been an integral part of Cano Law since its founding in 2015. Jenny is an experienced paralegal with years of experience in drafting immigration filings, including family petitions and consular processing. Details and thoroughness are important to Jenny. 


Jenny takes pride in giving back to her community by facilitating their immigration case, something that is already intimidating as it is. Jenny looks forward to working with you and your family to continue helping families remain united.